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Building a new home is not only exciting, it’s also one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make. Whether you’re building the home of your dreams, or want to build an investment property, the process should be enjoyable and stress-free.

At Paul McStay Homes we’ve created and honed a number of services designed to help you achieve these goals:


We’re able to assist you with drawing up a budget for your project. We’ll make you aware of extras that are often omitted from house quotations and items that may be only partially quoted for. This will provide you with a true understanding of your project costs and avoid any unpleasant surprises farther down the line.

Section Selection

We are locals with sound local knowledge. We can help you identify land and tell you about restrictions and opportunities pertaining to certain sections for particular home designs.

Concept Design

We have our own talented creative in-house design service that can help you make your ideas a reality. Our concept design service is free to all clients.

Choice of Materials

Choosing the right materials is vital to the success of any project. We can help you balance quality with cost.

Fixed-price Quotation

We always provide a fixed-price quotation. You should settle for nothing less.

Council Approval

We know and understand local requirements and guidelines. We can produce full council-ready consent drawings from concept drawings, and submit these to council for approval.

Full Project Management

Paul McStay Homes manages every project from start to finish, keeping the client fully informed along the way. We believe “meticulous planning and the highest level of communication throughout every stage of the project result in a client whose expectations are not only met, but exceeded by the standard of the completed project”.

Quality Control

Upon initial completion of your home we engage the services of an independent assessor to write up a report on the finish of your property. We allow a couple of days for touch-up work before handing over the keys to you. The house is handed over in perfect condition. Quality checks are performed throughout the early stages of the building phase.

Interior, Exterior Design and Colour Selection

Our designer is experienced in exterior and interior design and will work with you to create colourful spaces personalised to your taste. Our designer will provide you with your final colour choices pasted onto art board, as well as colour swatches to use when you’re selecting furnishings for your new home.

Landscape Design and Construction

We can assist with the landscape design of your section so that you can maximise the enjoyment of outdoor living. Many clients prefer to construct their own gardens but we can recommend professional landscapers and show you examples of their work. We can schedule your landscape work with the supplier so that it’s completed before you move into your new home.

Driveways, Concrete Patios, Paths, Clothesline, Letterbox

Paul McStay Homes takes care of the whole lot during the construction period so that it’s in place before you move in.

Boundary Fencing, Internal Fencing, Drapes and Blinds

If you like, we can include the above items in your package and complete them during the construction period. Many building companies leave the homeowner to take care of these items. We’re able and more than happy to assist.

10-year Homefirst Builders’ Guarantee

As the new homeowner this guarantee provides you with additional peace-of-mind and reassurance in the quality of the workmanship provided by your Certified Builder. For more information click here.